Achieving wellness in the workplace
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Did You Know? The total cost to employers of mental health problems among their staff is estimated at nearly £26 billion each year

How TRC Solutions can help you and your staff

TRC Solutions provide unique consultancy services and training courses, tailored to various levels of staff, from frontline workers to senior executives. Our programmes cover all aspects of supporting employees facing mental health challenges and enhancing wellbeing in the workplace and are delivered by trainers who combine professional support backgrounds with real world commercial experience.

If the relationships between staff within the workplace, and possibly including management, has deteriorated to the point where third-party intervention is required, TRC Solutions can supply fully qualified, professionally accountable mediators with a high success rate in resolving workplace conflict.


Three levels of bespoke training, delivered on your premises, either as 1-day courses or on an ongoing, retained basis.


Matt Nunnerley has an impressive success rate in resolving conflicts without either party resorting to legal action. Written agreements are usually signed at the end of the process. Meetings always take place in a mutually agreed, neutral venue.


Proactive, strategic advice to senior management and HR professionals, aimed at preventing mental health issues from arising in the workplace, by enhancing wellbeing, valuing individuals and instituting good HR practice. Employers will be coached in creating a preventative, supportive environment and a nurturing, respectful culture.
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